7 Corporate Goals that Art Smart’s Personalized Art Tours Can Help You Achieve

Museum tours are more than just ways to show visitors around the city. More and more companies are realizing how art experiences can be instrumental in helping them achieve some of the goals they’ve set, not just for their employees’ professional development but also for their overall business growth.

Businesses are able to make the most out of these tours when they’re specifically designed according to their objectives, interests, and nature of work. This is where Art Smart’s strengths lie – utilizing the expertise and extensive knowledge of our team of art historians to provide engaging art experiences that let business professionals discover the impact art and culture has on their work.

These are just some of the goals we’ve helped our former clients achieve through the customized private tours we provided:

Gather More Support for Your Awareness Programs

For businesses who are looking to launch a new program in the workplace (e.g. gender empowerment) or those who have long-running campaigns that are not getting enough traction, increasing your employees’ level of understanding of the importance of such programs can help ensure their interest and cooperation.

We design art experiences to further explore specific topics and issues you’re trying to address. A customized private tour itinerary comprised of artworks that represent values you want to promote (e.g. diversity and inclusion) and exhibits that discuss how social issues manifest in different periods of history can be developed to help you realize your goals.

Improve Engagement During Themed Corporate Activities

Businesses regularly hold themed events – whether to provide a space for employees to network with other people in their industry or to initiate discussions around relevant topics.

A museum tour is a great way to expose your participants to more real-world applications and representations of your chosen theme and spark discussions in a more engaging way. Art Smart’s team of art historians are well-equipped to handpick the perfect setting and activities to highlight any theme you have in mind and match your participants’ interests.

Increase Employees’ Appreciation of Their Own Profession

We’ve given private tours to organizations under diverse industries – medicine, automotive, technology, finance, cosmetics, advertising, food, and event planning to name a few. Regardless of the nature of your company, our team of art experts can provide you with an art tour that will help your team learn more about the work they do and the industry they’re in. How has their profession evolved through time? What historical events have defined or affected your industry? Seeing how much impact your industry and profession has in the world will help you and your team find a new level of appreciation of what you do and boost your productivity and confidence in the office setting.

Generate Concepts for Company’s Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing strategies constantly evolve. Businesses need to find ways to constantly catch up with new trends and discover ways to present their products and services in a way that resonates well with their target market.

We can help identify art pieces and exhibitions that can help spark fresh ideas on how you can attract more potential customers or clients to your business.

Strengthen Cooperation and Communication among Team Members

Traditional team building activities can get boring. Sometimes, conducting these activities in unique locations and in unconventional ways help the participants stay engaged throughout.

Museums make perfect venues for a one-of-a-kind team building activity. We can help you gamify your sessions so you’ll not only ensure to hit the goals you set but also have fun at the same time.

Exceed Guests’ Expectations During VIP Networking Events

Have you ever had some of your most valued clients visit and you have no idea where to take them? Or maybe some high-level executives you want to show appreciation for? Skip the usual social events and cocktail nights and take them somewhere special – like the museum.

Our extensive experience working with corporate teams and VIP guests allow us to provide your distinguished visitors an elegant and entertaining art experience to show how much you value them.

Inspire Creativity and Innovation in Your Product Design Team

It is sometimes challenging to come up with amazing ideas behind an office desk. A museum tour can facilitate your creative team’s visualization process by guiding them through art pieces they can draw inspiration from. We can develop unique visual experiences and even gamified sessions to get your team primed to unravel great ideas for your brand.

No matter what industry you’re in, things your employees are interested in, or level of appreciation they have for art – Art Smart can create art experiences that you, your team members, and guests will truly find meaningful and enjoyable.

Get in touch with our team for your next corporate event and we’ll make sure to deliver a unique art tour that will meet (and even surpass) your goals.

We created a unique experience for a team from Google that combined art, technology, and networking.

Using Technology-Based Art to Inspire a Leading Online News Provider

A leading online news provider was holding a conference to gather thought leaders to discuss credibility and integrity in modern journalism. The organizers, a group from Google, are focused on supporting university research, academic development, and technological innovations that happen globally within research and AI.

They turned to ART SMART to design an art tour that would not only incorporate the theme of the conference, but also provide opportunities for conference attendees to network in a unique, engaging way.

With these goals in mind, ART SMART started out with a thought-provoking photography show with recreations of famous iconic photographs from newsworthy events throughout history. We discussed how the artists Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger used props and optical illusions to create false images, but left clues behind so that the viewer would realize that they were “fakes.” The show inspired dialogue among the clients about how current technology like Photoshop is used in similar ways to deceive viewers at times in unreliable media channels.

For the second portion of the tour we brought our clients to the Gagosian Gallery to experience the interactive Urs Fischer and Madeline Hollander exhibit entitled, “Play.” Because our clients were heavily involved in the tech world, as well as with artificial intelligence and news media, we chose the exhibit both for its entertainment value and its technological intrigue. The exhibit featured colored office chairs, which moved like real people in whimsically choreographed patterns, and seemed to have personalities all their own. As our participants interacted with the chairs, and with one another, they were both amused and perplexed by the chairs’ seemingly intelligent movements, and were able to share in a truly interactive, engaging, and stimulating experience.

Interested in booking your own corporate art experience? Contact us directly. Also, check out our other case studies for inspiration and to get a sense of what we can create.

Online art galleries allow you to explore a range of artists working in a variety of different mediums, and have art available for purchase at every price point. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite online art galleries.

  • Minted: This website features comfortably-priced art from artists and designers all around the world. Minted crowdsources content from a global community of independent artists, then sells the best content in the form of art, home décor, and stationery, directly to you.
  • Artfully Walls: Another budget-friendly solution, this online shop allows users to browse a vast selection of art. The site also offers compositions of works curated by designers called “styled walls,” which shoppers can purchase as a whole or select certain pieces. In addition, the Artfully Walls iPhone app allows you to view how entire styled walls or individual pieces of art will look on your own walls before making a purchase.
  • PurePhoto: PurePhoto is a fine art photography gallery representing an expertly curated group of established and emerging fine art photographers from around the world. You can explore their vast selection using their incredible search function.
  • ArtStar: This online platform is managed by a group of art market experts who travel to international art fairs, galleries, and artists’ studios to create an exclusive, curated selection of contemporary art prints. In addition, ArtStar owns LittleCollector: an online selection of art dedicated to children.
  • Zatista: The leading online art gallery, Zatista boasts an impressive collection of art by international emerging and established artists. Using the site’s ‘’Art Explorer’’ you can search by taste, style, or get assistance from one of Zatista’s art advisors.
  • Tappan: Tappan, the world leader in emerging art, is dedicated to connecting buyers with artists from around the world. The site aims to reinvent the art buying experience and provide access to an ever-expanding list of emerging artists.
  • Exhibition A: Founded by Cynthia Rowley and Bill Powers, this highly curated online gallery collaborates with top contemporary artists to organize weekly releases of exclusive, limited edition artworks. Exhibition A provides collectors at all levels with access to works by well-known artists at discounted prices.
  • Artspace: Artspace is a monumental online marketplace that includes up-and-coming as well as blue chip artists with prices ranging from $100 to $100,000. The site also allows you to browse art from galleries and cultural institutions around the world.
  • Artsy: Artsy features art from the world’s top galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, and art fairs, all in one place. Through their extensive collection Artsy allows you to discover and purchase art from all over the world, and offers suggestions based on your preferences.

Want to get your kids interested in culture and art or get them prepared for a trip abroad? Check out these titles such to inspire young and old alike.

goo gen heim art books for kids

An engaging way to introduce younger ones to the world of museums is to start them off reading about the environments ahead of time. Children as young as two get the concepts of I’d Like the Goo-Gen-Heim, and You Can’t Take A Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once they know the Babar series, Babar’s Museum of Art makes for a great exercise in sameness and difference, as the books is filled with masterpieces from the Met Museum (and elsewhere) that have been tweaked to match the world of Babar. Seen Art? provides a wonderful seek-and-find resource for MoMA, and Going to the Getty is perfect for families visiting that West Coast museum.


The discoveries to find in NYC are countless, but here are a few titles to provide your family some focus: This is New York, My New York, Next Stop Grand Central, Larry Gets Lost in New York City (pictured below, with orange-hued views of NYC), and the classic Sector 7 about a trip to the Empire State Building (pictured below, with clouds).

Modern art

Modern art is always popular with children, but it is often hard for parents to talk about. Here are a few fun stores to get you going: Uncle Andy’s, Action Jackson, and Pablo Picasso: Breaking All the Rules.

Rome & Venice

For those traveling to Italy, we have several recommendations. Uh-Oh Leonardo is perfect into for families sightseeing in Florence. For kids traveling to Venice, pick up Zoe Sophia’s Scrapbook: An Adventure in Venice, Gaspard on Vacation (pictured), Mr. Lunch Borrows a Canoe, or Venice: Great Cities through the Ages. Mr. Lunch Borrows a Canoe has long been one of our favorite illustrated children’s books for years (two pages pictured below). And don’t forget the new Olivia Goes to Venice (available for download to e-readers too). For families heading to Rome, our favorite suggestions are Fodor’s Around Rome with Kids, This is Rome (improve your Italian by picking up the Italian version, Questa e’ Roma (pictured below)), Rome Antics (adults and kids alike will love the drawings of the Roman views), Pompeii: Lost & Found, Roman Fort (great for the boys), and Rome in Spectacular Cross-Section.

Art Books for Kids

There are tons of great books for those visiting Paris. Our favorites are Fodor’s Around Paris with Kids, Charlotte in Paris, This is Paris, and Paris: Great Cities through the Ages. When in Paris, pick up a copy of A Trip to the Orsay Museum and Destination Paris.


Greek myths are easy fodder for bite-size portions of classical education. Just mix in popular contemporary children’s literature, such as the Harry Potter series, and The Lightening Thief. Our top picks are Top Ten Greek Myths, D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths, Greece! Rome! Monters! (pictured by the fire-breathing chimera), A Visitor’s Guide to Ancient Greece, and Strong Stuff (shown here) for those who are taken with the adventures of Hercules/ Herakles.


Many families traveling to London wait until they get there for the learning to start. We recommend you pick up as many of these books ahead of time to get the kids over-the-moon excited before your plane even takes off. There’s Madeline in London, Fodor’s Around London with Kids, Kings & Queens, The Story of London, Tower Power: Tales from the Tower of London, This is London, Discover London, and Neil Morris’s London.


China and Chinese language is all the rage right now, so why not have fun with this trend by using it to introduce your child to Eastern cultures? The Pet Dragon demonstrates how basic Chinese characters often look like what they represent. And Made in China shows children the wonders of China, such as the Great Wall of China and the terra cotta soldiers.

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Top tour of the week: A client requested a Chelsea gallery tour showing “the best of” available in the gallery scene. We’re always happy to help people find some of New York City’s hidden gems. Art can be experienced in many different ways—on both large and small scales. The team here at ART SMART strives to keep up with the New York City gallery world, and we pass that knowledge and information on to you.

Here are some of our favorite Chelsea gallery exhibitions now in NYC. This list is perfect if you are wondering what to see in Chelsea galleries—Let us know if you’d love a private gallery tour.

Chelsea Gallery Exhibitions – What to See Now

David Zwirner Gallery on 20th Street: Dan Flavin

Paula Cooper on 21st Street: Christian Marclay

Metro Pictures Gallery on 24th Street: Trevor Paglen

Pace Gallery on 25th Street: Chuck Close

Yossi Milo Gallery at 245 10th Ave: Markus Brunetti

James Cohan Gallery on 26th Street: Elias Sime

If any of these Chelsea gallery options piques your interest, a guided art tour could be perfect for you. Experience some of New York City’s best art with the ART SMART team. Our knowledge and expertise can help take your art gallery viewing experience to a different level.

Chelsea gallery tours new york

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