Here’s more about the team of art historians that personalize your experiences.

ART SMART has crafted engaging ways for people to access the vast art resources of New York City and other major cities around the world. From our acclaimed museum and gallery tours to our travel and advisory services, we connect our clients with the best of the art world, anywhere in the world, in the most personal and delightful manner possible.


ART SMART’s art guides are primarily graduate-level art historians from top New York universities who have their fingers on the pulse of the art world. They are up on the latest exhibitions, critical reviews, and historical research. Our art guides are chosen for their passion, personality, and charm as well as for the depth and breadth of their art knowledge.

Judith Walsh, Founder

Judith Shupe Walsh developed ART SMART’s unique approach during her time lecturing and leading art tours for The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Judith Shupe Walsh, Founder & President

I created ART SMART because I saw an opportunity to engage people with art and culture in a more personal way. Even the most renowned museums must design tours to fit a general audience, but what makes art so powerful is how it speaks to the unique interests and experiences of individuals.

ART SMART provides a style that focuses as much on the individual as it does on the art. This emphasis on service and personalization allows us to guide the art selections and conversation to what will resonate most with each client. On an ART SMART tour, we rarely lecture in the traditional sense. We invite conversation, share ideas, and draw out connections.

Judith Walsh, Founder and President