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Networking & Receptions via Art Tours

Networking & Receptions via Art Tours

Cultural icebreakers and mixers for teams, professionals, employees & guests

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Networking Tours & Receptions:

Icebreakers and mixers for teams, professionals, employees & guests

Networking Events in Museums & Galleries – NYC, Boston, Chicago & DC – ART SMART

A key component to many business gatherings, whether they are icebreakers, meetings, conferences, or receptions, is networking: you want to get attendees talking so they can learn from each other and form valuable connections. At ART SMART, we believe in going beyond the cocktail hour small talk and getting people discussing what really matters by engaging them in a fun, fully interactive art tour experience.

Our expert guides will curate a tour designed to complement your conference or meeting theme and goals, giving your guests a refined cultural experience that promotes deeper thinking and helps build better business relationships at the same time. Our conference tours are fully customized, hassle-free corporate group outings designed to be substantive, memorable, elegant, and affordable.

A Case Study: Motivating and Inspiring with She Leads Media

When the directors of She Leads Media were planning their annual conference, they knew they wanted an inspiring, motivating opening reception that would set the tone for the rest of the event, so they came to ART SMART. We learned more about their goals to support and empower women entrepreneurs, and started planning a sophisticated event that would meet their objectives and their budget.

She Leads Media’s annual conference that year started with a VIP ART SMART tour at the New Museum in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where conference guests explored a new show called, “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon.” During the tour, one of our experienced art historians used the artwork to lead guests in a conversation about how women can use their unique qualities in positive ways to gain more confidence to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Following the tour, we arranged for a private, after-hours wine reception at a Lower East Side gallery, where guests were able to continue the discussion and make valuable professional connections in a trendy and relaxed atmosphere.

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Whether you’re planning a conference, entertaining clients, working on team building, or you just need a fun corporate group outing, ART SMART’s unique corporate tours can help you achieve your business goals. Contact ART SMART learn more about the corporate tours and experiences we offer in New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., and to find out more about our foreign language tours.