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ART SMART can help you to project your vision, story, and brand through a custom visual experience. For example, we could use gamification techniques to design a brand education experience that incorporates developing aspects of the new product. Create a color hunt to find your cosmetic company’s latest hues in museum masterpieces for an influencer outing, or a foodie tour that integrates the development of beer for your brewing company. Or we can go on an exploration of edgy contemporary art to help your ad agency build a striking new brand identity. No matter your goals, we help you use art and culture to create a truly unique, unforgettable experience for your clients, the press, or your own marketing team.

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Since 2001, ART SMART has produced countless corporate events and experiential tours.

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We create value by enabling our corporate clients and their guests to feel like VIP art insiders while they learn to connect ideas in innovative ways. Download the Brochure


From the Showroom to the Gallery: A Press Tour Supporting the Cadillac Brand

When a creative ad agency approached ART SMART about creating a unique experiential marketing experience for the Cadillac brand, we knew we could deliver. The agency was hosting a group of Chinese guests on a press visit to tour the Cadillac showroom in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, but they wanted to offer their Chinese guests a memorable outing that connected with the urban feel of NYC. As part of the outing, the agency hoped to introduce their guests to some American culture through modern art while simultaneously promoting the Cadillac brand.

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