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Diversity & Inclusion Company Team Experiences & Tours

Diversity & Inclusion Company Team Experiences & Tours

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Diversity & Inclusion Tour Experiences: Discover Unconscious Bias and Advance Inclusion

Fostering an inclusive, considerate culture is fundamental for team success, but how do business executives create opportunities for meaningful conversations about diversity and inclusion within their organizations?

At ART SMART, we address these sensitive topics using art as our training ground. We’ve found most professional, social, or cultural circumstances can be thoroughly explored through their manifestations in art; art museums provide a safe, neutral space where groups have open access to a variety of cultural influences and ideas. This allows our team to utilize art as a metaphorical, historical, and practical vehicle to teach about different issues affecting vulnerable minority groups.

ART SMART’s cultural historians are well-versed in issues of diversity and inclusion based on countless historic and contemporary contexts and subject matters. We use your goals, interests, questions, and requirements to design a customized tour that meets your group’s specific needs, whether it’s launching a new diversity initiative or complementing your existing diversity and inclusion efforts. Our guides invite participants to hone their observational skills to foster greater cultural sensitivity and awareness, and our innovative conversational techniques actively engage all group members in open dialogue about their observations.

Our diversity and inclusion tours help teams achieve greater equity, teamwork and collaboration, organizational flexibility, and representation of diversity, leaving participants with a greater ability to approach hiring, organizational advancement, and everyday interactions with a more inclusive mindset.

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If diversity and inclusion are important to your business, contact ART SMART today to find out more about planning your custom corporate art tour. We offer corporate art tours in New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Our corporate outings are always customized to your company’s unique needs, with foreign language options and VIP add-ons, like wine and dining.