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How Our Tours Work
New York Family Art Tours

New York Family Art Tours

Our Private & Guided NYC Families Tours introduce children to a deeper appreciation of art – but on their terms.

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New York City Museum Tours for Families, Kids, and Teens

What is so special about an Art Smart Family Tour?  Parents can relax knowing that Art Smart is leading the way
What is so special about an Art Smart Family Tour? There are moments kids can be kids.
We go at the right pace, taking time for refreshing games
We have ingenious methods that involve kids and teens
We explore family-friendly pieces that wow everyone
We play sleuthing games, decode mysteries, and solve puzzles --just what kids love
We customize the tour to kids’ interests that parents can learn about too
We keep the family together so that everyone learns along the way
We immerse ourselves in big open spaces
We find magic in the small things
We use amazing resources that keep kids engaged

Family time is precious, and we created Art Smart to make the most of it. Our fast-paced and fun tours of art and culture in New York museums, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the AMNH, have something for everyone, no matter their age.

Our adventure can take us almost anywhere around New York City. Where else can we go other than the places listed below?  Just book a tour to that museum, and let us know the ages of the children and we’ll be able to customize your tour from there.