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Singapore Airlines Priority Magazine

Singapore Airlines' Priority Magazine

New York’s Finest

Spring 2018

“Your cup runneth over with Art Smart’s insider access”

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Art Smart Museum Tours

Wine Spectator

ART SMART Museum Tours

June 30, 2016

“A company called ART SMART is shining a light on another aspect: private tours of major Manhattan museums and galleries.”

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Art Smart Tours mention on Food-and-Wine

Food & Wine

How to Take a Food-Art Tour of the Met

February 24, 2016

“Food fans tired of the same old walking tours in New York now have a new option: a private, food-art tour inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

ART SMART — a company that hosts all kinds of museum and gallery tours—just announced “Feast Your Eyes,” their latest offering.”

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Art Smart on Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal

Top Private Art Guides

May 10, 2013

“The Big Apple’s art world can seem overwhelming and impenetrable. Enter ART SMART, which helps clients navigate Manhattan’s museums, galleries and architecture where ART SMART connects visitors to the restorative powers of art.”

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Art Smart in Robb Report

Robb Report

Ultimate Gifts: Fortnight at the Museums

December 2009

“the utterly privatized art experience. Through the connections she has made over the years with countless museums and galleries, Walsh is uniquely qualified to provide art lovers with tailor-made tours…”

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Art Smart in front desk new york

Front Desk New York

Private Eyes by Rachel Wolff

November 2009

“Expect VIP treatment at some of the city’s galleries, and, thanks to Walsh’s long-standing connections, the occasional behind-the-scenes tour.”

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Art Smart press in New York Times

The New York Times

Making Art Young by Laurel Graeber

October 12, 2003

“The Met has also become a favorite for family art hunts…When the latest Harry Potter book came out, ART SMART sponsored two hunts at the Met for works evocative of Harry’s life at Hogwarts, complete with mysterious clues.”

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Art Smart Adventure Tours

The New York Times

Finding Magic at the Met by Laurel Graeber

June 6, 2003

“’We wanted to show the mythological and historical base of the wonder and fantasy of the Harry Potter series,’ said Judith Shupe [Walsh], founder of ART SMART Adventures, a company offering cultural classes for children.”

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Art Smart in Child Magazine

Child Magazine

Hooked on Art by Pamela Kruger

November 2002

“ART SMART Adventures, a New York- based company offers cultural classes and tours at several museums… The theory behind these programs is that cultivating visual literacy has lifelong benefits.”

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