7 Corporate Goals that Art Smart’s Personalized Art Tours Can Help You Achieve

Museum tours are more than just ways to show visitors around the city. More and more companies are realizing how art experiences can be instrumental in helping them achieve some of the goals they’ve set, not just for their employees’ professional development but also for their overall business growth.

Businesses are able to make the most out of these tours when they’re specifically designed according to their objectives, interests, and nature of work. This is where Art Smart’s strengths lie – utilizing the expertise and extensive knowledge of our team of art historians to provide engaging art experiences that let business professionals discover the impact art and culture has on their work.

These are just some of the goals we’ve helped our former clients achieve through the customized private tours we provided:

Gather More Support for Your Awareness Programs

For businesses who are looking to launch a new program in the workplace (e.g. gender empowerment) or those who have long-running campaigns that are not getting enough traction, increasing your employees’ level of understanding of the importance of such programs can help ensure their interest and cooperation.

We design art experiences to further explore specific topics and issues you’re trying to address. A customized private tour itinerary comprised of artworks that represent values you want to promote (e.g. diversity and inclusion) and exhibits that discuss how social issues manifest in different periods of history can be developed to help you realize your goals.

Improve Engagement During Themed Corporate Activities

Businesses regularly hold themed events – whether to provide a space for employees to network with other people in their industry or to initiate discussions around relevant topics.

A museum tour is a great way to expose your participants to more real-world applications and representations of your chosen theme and spark discussions in a more engaging way. Art Smart’s team of art historians are well-equipped to handpick the perfect setting and activities to highlight any theme you have in mind and match your participants’ interests.

Increase Employees’ Appreciation of Their Own Profession

We’ve given private tours to organizations under diverse industries – medicine, automotive, technology, finance, cosmetics, advertising, food, and event planning to name a few. Regardless of the nature of your company, our team of art experts can provide you with an art tour that will help your team learn more about the work they do and the industry they’re in. How has their profession evolved through time? What historical events have defined or affected your industry? Seeing how much impact your industry and profession has in the world will help you and your team find a new level of appreciation of what you do and boost your productivity and confidence in the office setting.

Generate Concepts for Company’s Branding and Marketing

Branding and marketing strategies constantly evolve. Businesses need to find ways to constantly catch up with new trends and discover ways to present their products and services in a way that resonates well with their target market.

We can help identify art pieces and exhibitions that can help spark fresh ideas on how you can attract more potential customers or clients to your business.

Strengthen Cooperation and Communication among Team Members

Traditional team building activities can get boring. Sometimes, conducting these activities in unique locations and in unconventional ways help the participants stay engaged throughout.

Museums make perfect venues for a one-of-a-kind team building activity. We can help you gamify your sessions so you’ll not only ensure to hit the goals you set but also have fun at the same time.

Exceed Guests’ Expectations During VIP Networking Events

Have you ever had some of your most valued clients visit and you have no idea where to take them? Or maybe some high-level executives you want to show appreciation for? Skip the usual social events and cocktail nights and take them somewhere special – like the museum.

Our extensive experience working with corporate teams and VIP guests allow us to provide your distinguished visitors an elegant and entertaining art experience to show how much you value them.

Inspire Creativity and Innovation in Your Product Design Team

It is sometimes challenging to come up with amazing ideas behind an office desk. A museum tour can facilitate your creative team’s visualization process by guiding them through art pieces they can draw inspiration from. We can develop unique visual experiences and even gamified sessions to get your team primed to unravel great ideas for your brand.

No matter what industry you’re in, things your employees are interested in, or level of appreciation they have for art – Art Smart can create art experiences that you, your team members, and guests will truly find meaningful and enjoyable.

Get in touch with our team for your next corporate event and we’ll make sure to deliver a unique art tour that will meet (and even surpass) your goals.