How to Organize the Best Team Building Outing: ART SMART Style

Re-energize your team and inspire your office through a totally new kind of team-building experience with ART SMART.

How to Organize the Best Team Building Outing: ART SMART Style

You may have noticed some droopy shoulders around the office, a yawn here and there, and generally low energy. So what better way to get everyone excited and back on track than a team building exercise?

Team building activities are essential: a team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful. Not to mention a lot happier and more fun to work with!

But when you browse the web, searching for “corporate team building activities” or just “team building ideas” you may be overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities. And the at-work-activities may seem boring, awkward, or even deserve an eye-roll.

So, how do you organize a corporate event that is both interesting and effective?

One way to organize a team building activity that is both fun and effective is by taking your team out of the office: organize your very own team outing event.

But even then, you may not know where to start. Your co-workers may dread a corporate retreat. Who wants to sing Kumbaya in the woods with your boss, or have a blindfold on while being led by your co-worker to “build trust.” But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Below you can find the three components your outing needs to make your team building exercise a success:  building up company morale and strengthening your team of professionals.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you won’t engage anyone in your corporate team building activities if no one is having fun. So, how do you ensure everyone is having a great time?

With ART SMART your team will have to think and see things in new ways. This is how we do it: we make you talk with art historians rather than having to listen to rote lectures. We transform a boring experience into an informative, interactive and enriching one. Your team will feel like VIP art insiders, while you learn to connect ideas in innovative ways.

How: Our exceptional guides will ensure your tour through art galleries and museums is dynamic and highly interactive. Through art, you will experience and explore leadership, creative thinking, communication and more.


The main reason to have your team engage in team-building activities is to improve communication and teamwork to increase productivity and progress vital to your company. So, if you fail to link the activities to your business goals, you will not reach the goal you initially aimed at.

With ART SMART, you can bridge the activities with your objectives. Who knew a tour through a National Museum or contemporary galleries could bring your team closer together, help you understand common goals, and get energized to get the job done? Our guides will make your team’s encounter with art compelling and relevant.

How: With ART SMART, you can customize our tours to your specific needs and goals. Shape any existing tour we offer to make it relevant to your team and your business. The deeply engaging experience with art can teach your team about mankind’s innovation or successes, and provoke and challenge your team to reach for their own goals.


More and more people feel stuck at work. So, how can you use team building activities to turn this around? With the right tools, your team instinctively challenges themselves to be more innovative in their work – and, as a result, perform better. And one of the most important tools is inspiration. It does not come from something that is turned on and off, but is rather triggered through multiple ways.

ART SMART’s guides – highly qualified graduate-level art historians from top universities –  have their fingers on the pulse of the art world. We choose them for their passion, personality and charm as well as for the depth and breadth of their art knowledge. And with that, they are able to inspire your team through the arts.

How: Whichever tour you opt for, our guides will connect you to the restorative powers of art. From Client Appreciation Events, to Slow Looking & Visible Thinking Art Tours, to Creativity & Innovation Workshops, ART SMART offers a vast range of team building activities that will inspire your team and bring positive energy back into the office.

Find your magic now with ART SMART’s corporate events, and build the team of your dreams through our innovative approach to art. You can create your very own ART SMART tour, based on your needs and goals, in New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston.

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