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What is Slow Looking & Visible Thinking?

Slow Looking and Visible Thinking are research-based, museum-originated observation practices that have been increasingly shown to hold wide benefits far beyond the museum walls. Unlike a traditional art tour experience where a guide might tell the group what is happening in a painting, the Slow Looking & Visible Thinking guide asks, “What could be happening here?”

Such subtle conversational techniques and other guided looking practices not only allow for thoughtful, immersive engagement, but they encourage active curiosity, and allow space for interpretation and communication among group members, creating a unique team-building experience. Guides teach participants simple steps for thinking routines to help them build con

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Since 2001, ART SMART has produced countless corporate events and experiential tours.

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How does ART SMART use Slow Looking & Visible Thinking?

At ART SMART, we recognize that art naturally challenges us to think outside the box, and that removing your team from an office environment with a corporate outing in a museum or gallery space helps create a situation conducive to distinct inspiration and innovation. Art objects themselves provide a neutral training ground for teaching Slow Looking and Visible Thinking skills; our guides use your specific business goals and objectives to select art objects that will be of particular interest to your group. Guides then use aspects of those objects as our subjects of enquiry during our tour to help teach your team to think differently using these specialized techniques.

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