Tour the 2017 Whitney Biennial at the new Whitney Museum


Skip the lines by joining ART SMART on a tour one of the most important survey showing the current state of contemporary art: The 2017 Whitney Biennial at the new Whitney Museum. The tour will provide the background of the artists and behind-the-scenes stories to not to be missed. The exhibition focuses on emerging and lesser known artists; as such its become a trailblazer that has started off important art careers. Ever heard of Georgia O’Keefe, Jackson Pollock or Jeff Koons? You can thank the Whitney Biennial for helping to bring them to prominence. In this 2017 Whitney Biennial, expect to see among the 63 participants:

  • Zarouhie Abdalian
  • Raúl de Nieves
  • Carrie Moyer
  • Dana Schutz
  • Larry Bell

Who’s in it, and who didn’t make the cut makes this exhibition one of the more controversial and debated events in contemporary art. Add onto that the tradition of being a lightning rod for hot topics.   The 2017 Biennial’s themes are those that are dividing Americans most these days. Ms. Locks, one of the co-curators, admitted, “When people keep talking about racism, when people keep talking about inequity, when people keep talking about debt — when conversations come around without you bringing it up — you realize: These are the ideas!” Along the way we’ll tour Aliza Nisenbaum’s work. She’s a Mexican-born artist that paints portraits of immigrants. The Biennial covers two floors and much of the new lobby. Our favorite section has a view of Larry Bell’s red squares with the NYC cityscape in the background on the new Whitney’s refreshing balconies.

Come tour the show with ART SMART to get more of the back story and explore afterwards the highlights of the Whitney Museum. We can add on a spring time tour of the High Line as well. We recommend you wrap up the tour outing with a stop Untitled, Whitney’s incredible restaurant.  Open March 17 – June 11