Top 5 Benefits of Museum Tours for Your Workplace

More and more companies realize the vital role that art plays in contributing to the improvement of their staff and in growing their business. Whether it’s viewing art of creating art themselves, employees around the world enjoy the benefits of immersing themselves into a cultural experience.

How exactly do museum tours help better your workplace? What benefits should you expect to get from giving your workforce access to museums?

Top Ways a Museum Tour Can Be Beneficial for Your Business

Helps with stress management

Viewing art not just lowers one’s level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body, it also makes you less stressed faster. According to a study conducted by Angela Clow PhD and Cathrine Fredhoi MSc of the Department of Psychology in University of Westminster, the decline in cortisol concentration induced by a 35-minute visit to the museum is equivalent to that which takes about 5 hours under normal circumstances.

You might already be aware of how stress in employees is linked to workplace disengagement, reduced productivity, and absenteeism. Isn’t it nice to know that a quick break to visit the museum can help solve all these?

Makes Your Employees Happier

Do you remember how happy you are when you’re in love? How falling in love doesn’t just put you in a better mood but also prompts positive physical reactions?

Your employees can have a sensation of joy similar to falling in love when viewing art. According to the Neurobiologist Semir Zeki, dopamine (a chemical associated with the feelings of pleasure, desire, and love) is immediately released into the brain after a person sees beautiful artworks.

Improves mental health

Participation in cultural activities such as, you guessed it, museum tours, is significantly associated with having low anxiety and depression in both males and females – according to the HUNT study in Norway. Museum tours provide art experiences that calms the participants and aids in decreasing their anxiety levels.

Museum visits also help restore your employees’ focus so they’ll pay close attention to their work. Art experiences help them recover from mental exhaustion by providing the environment and other elements necessary to engage the participants effortlessly, like when they’re exposed to natural environments. These benefits are explained in detail in the study by Stephen Kaplan of the Department of Psychology in University of Michigan.

Increases creativity and critical thinking

Your employees will be able to explore their own creativity by witnessing other people’s creative genius through their artworks. Visiting a museum can provide them with the inspiration and ideas they need to innovate on their own.

Art tours also foster critical thinking by providing context to complex ideas, challenging our preconceived notions, and putting forward an unconventional way of thinking.

Promotes diversity

By availing museum tours, your team will have a better understanding of different cultures, philosophies, and backgrounds that will eventually translate into a more inclusive work environment. The whole experience can be an enlightening moment for your employees that would encourage them break down their walls and reach out to colleagues of different backgrounds more often.

Helps Attract and Retain Employees

Having a solid stand of supporting the arts and giving your employees access to museums allows your company to stand out and be more appealing to people in your community. It shows that you care about their well-being, which the talents you’re looking to hire will certainly appreciate.

Museum tours are effective, not to mention cost-effective means to care for and develop your team. Encourage your employees to visit the museum and build their appreciation of the arts by allowing them to take museum breaks or organizing a guided tour for them.

Art Smart works closely with corporate teams in providing them with a guided tour that contributes to their unique goals. We customize museum tours based on your specific line of work so your employees will develop greater appreciation of what they do and be able to harness their true potential in their work.

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