A Tech-Inspired Gallery Tour in NYC

We created a unique experience for a team from Google that combined art, technology, and networking.

Using Technology-Based Art to Inspire a Leading Online News Provider

A leading online news provider was holding a conference to gather thought leaders to discuss credibility and integrity in modern journalism. The organizers, a group from Google, are focused on supporting university research, academic development, and technological innovations that happen globally within research and AI.

They turned to ART SMART to design an art tour that would not only incorporate the theme of the conference, but also provide opportunities for conference attendees to network in a unique, engaging way.

With these goals in mind, ART SMART started out with a thought-provoking photography show with recreations of famous iconic photographs from newsworthy events throughout history. We discussed how the artists Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger used props and optical illusions to create false images, but left clues behind so that the viewer would realize that they were “fakes.” The show inspired dialogue among the clients about how current technology like Photoshop is used in similar ways to deceive viewers at times in unreliable media channels.

For the second portion of the tour we brought our clients to the Gagosian Gallery to experience the interactive Urs Fischer and Madeline Hollander exhibit entitled, “Play.” Because our clients were heavily involved in the tech world, as well as with artificial intelligence and news media, we chose the exhibit both for its entertainment value and its technological intrigue. The exhibit featured colored office chairs, which moved like real people in whimsically choreographed patterns, and seemed to have personalities all their own. As our participants interacted with the chairs, and with one another, they were both amused and perplexed by the chairs’ seemingly intelligent movements, and were able to share in a truly interactive, engaging, and stimulating experience.

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