Our Private, Guided Met Breuer Tours: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Goes Modern

March 18-September 4, 2016

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has gone modern with the new Met Breuer. We’ll certainly be there offering our private tours of The Met Breuer. Our guided tour of The Met Breuer’s Inaugural Exhibition Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible will bring you through a subject at the very heart of artistic practice—the question of just when a work of art is finished. For the Met Breuer curators of this show, the descriptors “unfinished,” “non-finito,” and their inventive term “unfinished-ness,” are used to draw out meaning among the 197 exhibition pieces.

On your ART SMART tour we’ll explore:
– paintings intentionally left unfinished
– sculptures left incomplete by the artists
– installation pieces that need to be completed by the viewer present

Along the way of your guided Met Breuer Museum tour, we’ll see this aesthetic investigated by Old Masters including:
and newer modern and contemporary artists who have intentionally blurred the lines between making and un-making. About forty percent of the show comes from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art; the remainder are prestigious loans.

As with all of our services, our museum tours will be customized to your interests. As such, we can follow up your Met Breuer experience with an ART SMART guided tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art itself, or visit other modern and contemporary art galleries together.
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