How Museum Tours Benefit Your Company’s Creative Professionals

Creative professionals are valuable additions to any company. Their ideas and creations go beyond simple design work or some improvement in aesthetics. Their contributions reflect the essence of what one’s business and brand are all about.

There are many ways your office can support your creative team and encourage their own creative processes. Giving them access to museum tours might sound cliché but the entire experience is a lot more than surrounding artists with other artists works.

Here are ways art tours can help your creatives that you might not have considered before.

Refocusing Attention

Employees who are in a creative rut need a break from all the ideas and distractions that clutter their minds. A trip to a museum will provide them with the change of environment they need while introducing them to new things they can focus their thoughts and creative energies on. Being around works of art will help clear their heads of unnecessary thoughts and encourage them to open up to new ideas to consider.

Taking Inspiration from Another Artist’s Work

Creatives find it refreshing to witness other people’s creations for a change. Understanding other artists’ process of creation can inspire your creatives to explore their own. The risks these artists have taken to produce their art can liberate your team to innovate more and explore concepts they haven’t considered before.

Channeling Emotions

Whether developing ideas for branding or product design, creatives are looking to communicate an emotion to a target audience. Museum tours allow creatives to experience how emotions are conveyed through different art forms and styles, which can eventually lead them to discover their own unique way of eliciting the response they want out of their audience.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Studies have shown how a short visit to an art gallery can significantly lower cortisol levels in the body which results in a more relaxed state. This is particularly helpful in relieving your creatives of the pressure of coming up with that one great idea to pitch or when they encounter roadblocks in the project they’re working on.

Learning from Both the Past and the Future

Museum tours can be designed to take your creatives back to significant historical moments for your brand or your industry in general. Having a better understanding of where and how your industry was developed and the journey it took through time to reach its current state would give your creatives a higher level of understanding and appreciation of their work and the impact their creations could make.

Some exhibitions feature artists’ visions of what the future could look like for particular industries, which would foster out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.

At Art Smart, we design customized art experiences to bring out the desired results of business teams. Let our team of art historians help bring out the best in your creative team by addressing specific gaps they’re facing and introducing them to environments that would motivate them and inspire their next great ideas. Reach out to us and let’s talk about how we can create a unique and memorable art experience that is perfect for your team.