Frida Kahlo at the Brooklyn Museum

New Frida Kahlo Exhibit, “Appearances Can Be Deceiving” at Brooklyn Museum

Get special access to the incredible Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in New York with ART SMART. The biggest U.S. museum exhibition in ten years focused on the iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving features major paintings, drawings, and photographs displayed alongside some of Kahlo’s personal artifacts and clothing.

frida kahlo brooklyn museum art

The show highlights the ways Frida Kahlo created both her personal and public identity to reflect her cultural heritage and political beliefs. It also explores how the artist addressed and incorporated her physical disabilities into her persona and her art.

On a private Brooklyn Museum tour of this Frida Kahlo exhibit with ART SMART your group will have the chance to dive deeper into the life of this iconic woman. While being guided by a knowledgeable art historian you can ask questions, discover unlikely stories, and more. During your guided exploration at the Brooklyn Museum your group can discuss the roles and perspectives of influential female figures, as well as the challenges they face.

We will reflect on the works of art in light of several key questions, based upon your group’s interests and ages. Have children along? We’ll shine a light on Kahlo as an incredible role model. Looking for a lively discussion? We can use Kahlo’s art to explore issues of race, gender, and post colonialism. ART SMART will customize your museum tour to focus on your curiosities and questions.

Along the way we can explore other amazing exhibitions on display at the museum. Though it is often overshadowed by New York’s other fantastic museums, The Brooklyn Museum is a can’t-miss cultural gem. And after your tour, our art expert can recommend hip new bars and places to get a tasty bite in Brooklyn.

The exhibit is only open until May 12, 2019 so book your tour today!