Met Museum Tours for Families and Kids

A Met Museum Tour As Unique As Your Family

Family time is precious, and we created Art Smart Adventures to make the most of it. Our fast-paced and fun tours of art and culture in New York museums, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, have something for everyone, no matter their age.

We will tailor your private Met museum tour to your unique family. With younger children we’ll explore curiosities like Egyptian mummies and medieval knights, with our treat-filled explorer bags and treasure maps in tow. Teens often want to examine edgier and interactive works. Meanwhile, parents and grandparents can relax as our family-friendly art guides lead the way.

Tour and Explore All Around New York City museums

Our adventure can take us almost anywhere around New York City. We can also lead you on a wild journey of discovery of a the American Museum of Natural History tour, or connect you with Picasso on a tour of modern art museums, such as The Guggenheim. Where else can we go? Check out our listing of suggested museum tours.


Heading Abroad with the Kids?

Want to make the most of your family visit to cultural sites and art museums abroad in places like London, Paris, or Rome?We know just how to do it. Read more.