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What is True? What is Good? What is Beauty? What is New York?

What is True? What is Good? What is Beauty? What is New York?

Join ART SMART in our search and conversation on what is Good, True and Beauty.

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 Join us in our search and conversation on what is Good, True and Beauty

In alignment with the ancient philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato and their classical foundations of Western Civilization but with a 21st century twist, ART SMART invites you to be a part of the search and dialogue of what is True, Good, and Beauty. ART SMART passionately believes that art can serve as a beacon to such questions and as a light to guide us in our everyday conversations and understandings as we build a much-needed larger common ground with all of humanity. With that passion, we’ve created several projects to inspire others, especially those who are responsible in guiding others.

Project 1

For the NYC concierge and larger Instagram community, we’re building “What is New York: True / Good / Beauty” Instagram conversation. We especially welcome images that reflect the beauty and diversity of NYC. New York City’s diversity is such a key element to what makes NYC so beautiful and vibrant.

Upload your favorite related images of New York City using the hashtags #WhatisBeautyNYC and #GetArtSmart We’ll post them on our ART SMART account for all to enjoy and get inspiration.

Please look to our account and like the ones you like best. The photo with the most likes will win and its photographer will join ART SMART on a complimentary Chelsea gallery tour. We’ll also pick the top best twelve Insta-posters to join ART SMART on a complimentary Chelsea Gallery tour. This Instagram project is part of ART SMART’s initiative on “What is True, What is Good, What is Beauty” which will be running through August.

Project 2

For companies questioning what is true, what is good, and what is beauty, we’ve created a series of tours to investigate the topic in NYC, DC, and Chicago. The answers are as diverse as the objects that we explore in this interactive conversation about beauty.

Depictions of an idealized feminine form have varied greatly over time and from culture to culture, from prehistoric voluptuous carvings of female fertility figures to the classically idealized body in Ancient Greek sculpture. The role of cosmetics throughout history is also as fascinating, from the heavy use of makeup in Ancient Egyptians to the rise of the beauty and cosmetics industry in the 19th century, where every-day women were able to emulate their ideal of beauty in their own homes.

In our tour, we look at representations of women throughout the ages, and how these depictions of skin color, tone and facial structure, acted as inspiration for the ideals of the early beauty industry. This search for beauty continues to this day within the cosmetic industry and the population at large.

Join us for an experiential tour delving into one of the following themes:

  • Beauty from Within
  • Tapping into the Senses
  • Powerful Women
  • Cosmetics and Personal Beauty Through Time
  • Conveyed Persona and One’s Concept of Beauty
  • Diversity in What is Beautiful
  • Beauty Across Cultures
  • The Making of Her Image

Project 3

With tongue-in-cheek humor and considerate approach, ART SMART has created “Fake News,” a Washington DC tour through the National Gallery of Art.

Details coming soon.

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