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Corporate Events and Tours in Museums, Galleries, and Art Venues

Corporate Events and Tours in Museums, Galleries, and Art Venues

The Image of Leadership

Best for: Executives and team leaders

Potential Venues: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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What does a leader look like? Today’s business pioneers know that leadership is built on communication – but too often it is assumed to be a verbal rather than a visual skill. Crafting the image of leadership is something of a lost art that requires visual understanding. This tour uses the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s galleries to explore how we can recognize, create and project power on a visual – and visceral – level. Whether focusing on the Emperor Augustus’ Machiavellian use of style at home and abroad or exploring Jackson Pollock’s paintings as assertions of individualism and mastery over the canvas, this tour provides clients a new awareness of the visual component in power dynamics.

Innovations that Changed the World

Best for: Technology companies or those seeking to better understand the nature of technological change

Potential Venues: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Art and Design

The Metropolitan Museum of Art contains incredible objects that provide tactile lessons in the unexpected paths of innovation and change. This tour explores disruptive technologies of the past and present: how they originated, who benefitted and why they mattered. We’ll consider profound examples, including how the explosive birth of European art was not just founded on a mistake, but on the new ability to make mistakes. Throughout, we will keep an eye on the practical knowledge to be drawn from the unpredictable forces of invention, extracting new ways of thinking about change.

Figuring Value

Best for: Finance and Investment teams

Potential Venues: Chelsea Galleries, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The art market is the twilight zone of economics: the rule of supply and demand is suspended and changes in valuation are seemingly arbitrary. This has made it a fascinating case study for anyone interested in the anomalies of global capitalism. Let Art Smart give you a glimpse into some of the most bizarre mechanisms behind the astronomical prices that make headlines around the world. Looking at real works from the top of the art market, we will sketch out the counterintuitive nature of the rules that determine the value of art.


Best for: Customer-facing and Sales teams

Body language, pose, and posture communicates an incredible amount about one’s stance and position during conversations. Join us for a focused talk that examines select works of art for what a pose communicates. An optional workshop integrated into the tour can help you consider your own pose and poise for networking and negotiations.

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