Personal Art Travel Itineraries Crafted for You and Yours

Personal Art Travel Itineraries Crafted for You and Yours

Art Smart Travels plans and leads private art tours through a broad range of locations in the United States and Europe. Our elite, personalized travel programs cater to your specific interests and needs so that you spend your time with personally satisfying treasures that will mean the most to you. Our travel advisory services include:

  • Itinerary planning for self-guided tours An Art Smart consultant will work with you to develop a detailed itinerary featuring the perfect mix of experiences for your destination. We’ll assemble a portfolio of cultural resources, design a workable schedule, and arrange luxury travel programs that will make your experience insightful, delightful, and stress-free. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts, we can assist you in the selection of a local art expert to guide you in most locales.
  • Escorted travel For a luxury experience, an Art Smart art historian can travel with you to provide the personalized guidance through art museums and cultural monuments. Along the way, you will receive expedited and VIP-level access to art venues.

Are You Traveling as a Family with Kids in Tow?

Art Smart knows how to make the most of your family’s travels around the world. We’ll start by building a custom list of recommended books and resources that are great for introducing your family to the area that you’ll be visiting. Then we’ll send you on your way with a custom guide to the can’t-miss masterpieces at your destination.

From the New York City Tri-State Area

We can use local art collections to familiarize your family with what you should look for while you are traveling. For a truly unforgettable experience, an Art Smart expert can travel with your family to provide the highest possible level of on-site expertise and guidance.

Let Art Smart Travels Assist with Your Next Cultural Trip

Give us a call at (212) 595-4444 or email. Tell us when and where you will be traveling, what you hope to see, and a little bit about your interests. With that, we’ll create the perfect experience for you.